Farewell from the Viewport Team

Published on April 12, 2022

It's with a bittersweet heart that we would like to announce the closure of Viewport Gaming.

When we started, the mission was to "enrich video game culture" through our content, whether it's reviews, features, or podcasts. The whole viewport team had lots of fun twists and turns as we figured out what that meant, and we believe that we did carve out a space for ourselves. 🙂 

With the recent changes in our ability and bandwidth to commit meaningful time to the project, we don't think it makes sense to keep it in its maintenance mode.

I'm [Tristan] looking to do more creative work vs site/team management, so I'm not leaving the internet! I'm looking forward to working with James Burns and the SUPERJUMP team, starting on some video essays with collaborators, and taking Loading Screen independent with Raza to focus on the creation of content that I am passionate about.

I can't end this section without a plethora of thank yous:

  • First, to our readers and listeners, a huge thank you for all the support and direction you've provided us.
  • Next, our collaborators and volunteers. Hamzah, Steve, and Daniel, for spending the time to produce quality content for us.
  • And finally, to my co-founders' partnership, time, and passion over the past 4 years; I've definitely learned a lot that's helped in many areas of my life. 

As for concrete next steps:

  • The website will be up until October, after which the content will go offline.
  • For our podcasts, all episodes will be available on your favorite podcast directories until next year (April 2023), after which, they will only be available on Youtube.

Thank you again and see you around the internet.

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Tristan Jung

You’ll often find Tristan wasting his life away at League of Legends if he’s not busy bugging the other two members about writing reviews. He’s in charge of the website and editing the podcasts, so if anything looks or sounds out of place, please yell at him.