About Viewport


Welcome to viewport. A look into video games. viewport is a collection of reviews, features and podcasts that aim to enrich video game culture.


We aim to provide comprehensive reviews of the games we play. The prioritization is quality over quantity. viewport is a hobby for us, which means we won’t be able to cover as many games as other video game websites.

We review games on the 10-point scale in whole point increments. This is subject to change, but we feel this provides an adequate scale in which we can review different games.


The three of us at viewport have diverse tastes and backgrounds when it comes to games. We will be releasing feature articles that cover an extensive range of topics. You can expect retrospectives, analysis, and opinion pieces that touch all parts of the video game spectrum.


We love talking. And we thought the podcast medium provides a unique way of telling a story to our readers. We currently have one podcast:

Viewport Relay — Biweekly podcast providing coverage of gaming news.

Podcast Team:

  • Tristan Jung - Producer/Editor/Host
  • Albert Corsten - Producer/Host
  • Alex Nester - Host


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You’ll often find Tristan wasting his life away at League of Legends if he’s not busy bugging the other two members about writing reviews. He’s in charge of the website and editing the podcasts, so if anything looks or sounds out of place, please yell at him.

Game preferences: retro games, competitive games or something absolutely masochistic.

Email: tristan@viewportgaming.com
Twitter: @3_stan

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Features Editor

One of the review contributors and co-host to the podcasts, Alex gives the non-review content for the site a solid once-over. There’s probably an RPG on the back burner that needs finishing, but that’s a task for another day.

Game preferences: role-playing games, hack and slash, and a healthy dose of boatgirl gacha.

Email: alex@viewportgaming.com

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Podcast Producer

Albert has been gaming ever since he was a young lad. He mainly focuses on game reviews and co-hosting on the podcast, but you might find him occasionally drifting into non-review territory. When not gaming, you’ll find him dreaming about a new Advance Wars game.

Game preferences: strategy games, indie games, first person shooters, and RPGs galore

Email: albert@viewportgaming.com


Editor-In-Chief: Tristan Jung

Features Editor: Alex Nester

Staff Writer, Podcast Producer: Albert Corsten

Staff Writer: Daniel Wallach

Staff Writer: Frostilyte

Staff Writer: Hamzah Aly


We would like to thank all our contributors for the content they publish through viewport! We wouldn’t be able to get to where we are today without their help, support, and creative minds.

We’re actively looking for contributors! If you’re interested in contributing, please reach out to Tristan via Twitter (@3_stan) or email (tristan@viewportgaming.com)