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A Fresh New Look

Published on October 11, 2018


Hey everyone, Tristan here!

Welcome to the new and improved viewport! We've made the hard decision to move off of Medium, in planning for the long journey ahead. We felt that by having our own website, we're able to provide better content and expand our domain into areas we haven't explored before.

That being said, nothing else will change, the same writers and a regular flow of content will populate the site.

Thanks for joining us in the new chapter of our journey, and we'll see you around. 🙂

- tristan

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Tristan Jung

You’ll often find Tristan wasting his life away at League of Legends if he’s not busy bugging the other two members about writing reviews. He’s in charge of the website and editing the podcasts, so if anything looks or sounds out of place, please yell at him.

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