viewport E3 Coverage Schedule

Published on May 24, 2018

With the gaming industry’s biggest event of the year around the corner, the viewport team is gearing up. We will be providing pre-show, live, and post-show coverage during E3.

Pre-Show Coverage

We will be kicking off the pre-show coverage with a predictions article from the viewport team with each member trying to guess what will happen this year.

Additionally, episode 5 of Viewport Relay will focus on pre-E3 news, predictions, and leaks.

Live Coverage

All of our live coverage will be focused around the press conferences that the companies will be holding. Here is the full schedule of when each conference will happen:

via @Cheesemeister3k on Twitter
via @Cheesemeister3k on Twitter

We will be live-tweeting during all the press conferences from our Twitter account.

There will be a highlights article every day covering all announcements of the previous day, along with an opinions podcast from the viewport team.

Post-Show Coverage

The viewport team will round off the event with an opinion piece of each member’s most anticipated games, and a debrief episode of Viewport Relay.

We’re all super excited to see what E3 brings; see you all soon!

Tristan Jung

You’ll often find Tristan wasting his life away at League of Legends if he’s not busy bugging the other two members about writing reviews. He’s in charge of the website and editing the podcasts, so if anything looks or sounds out of place, please yell at him.