Untitled Goose Game Preview


Published on March 26, 2019

Untitled Goose Game
Release Date: Later 2019
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch
Developer: House House

(This preview is part of a series of previews for games that we were able to check out at The MIX GDC 2019)

After its initial reveal in October 2017, Untitled Goose Game has piqued the interest of gamers, yet has managed to keep most of the game’s details under wraps. With trickles of information being dropped over the past year and a half, the game made an appearance at The MIX during GDC 2019.


We had the chance to play the demo and talk to the developers. As the name may suggest, you play as an unnamed goose, who is given a list of tasks to carry out to bother the humans as much as possible. The level that was featured at the event was the garden (same as PAX West and the trailer), and I found myself trying to ruin the gardener’s day as much as possible by soaking him, stealing his keys, and throwing his rake into the pond.

The game focuses on “movement, funny, and verbs,” which can be felt while playing. Moving around the goose is intuitive, yet has the smallest bit of learning curve while running to make things more challenging than just running from point A to B. Humor is natural as you watch the different interactions: a tug-of-war over a bag of fertilizer, being chased in the garden, or honking to taunt the humans to catch you.


Although House House, the developers of the game, have recently announced that the game will be “coming later 2019”, we’re sure that fans will be waiting patiently for the game to drop.

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