Grimshade Review

By Frostilyte | April 26, 2019

Grim indeed Published on Grimshade Release Date: March 26th, 2019 Platform: Windows(Played on Windows) Developer: TALEROCK Publisher: Asterion Games Copy provided by publisher Step into the world of Grimshade, a […]

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Devil May Cry 5 Review

By Alex Nester | April 1, 2019

Rocking out in a crazy new party! With only a one-off alternate storyline and a slew of high definition remasters, it’s been some time since Devil May Cry’s eponymous demon […]

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Noita Preview

By Tristan Jung | March 29, 2019

Published on Noita Release Date: TBA Platforms: PC Developer: Nolla Games Publisher: Nolla Games (This preview is part of a series of previews for games that we were able to check out […]

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Blazing Beaks Preview

By Tristan Jung | March 27, 2019

Published on Blazing Beaks Release Date: TBA Platforms: PC Developer: Applava Publisher: Applava Developed by Applava, Blazing Beaks is a roguelite shooter sets in the Beaks world. Choosing one of 8 distinctive […]

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Baba is You Review

By Frostilyte | March 27, 2019

Baba is Great As someone who codes for a living, it’s a rare treat when I find puzzle games that ignite the same spark I have while coding. Baba is […]

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Untitled Goose Game Preview

By Tristan Jung | March 26, 2019

Published on Untitled Goose Game Release Date: Later 2019 Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch Developer: House House Publisher: Panic (This preview is part of a series of previews for games that we were able […]

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The World Next Door Preview

By Tristan Jung | March 25, 2019

Published on The World Next Door Release Date: March 28th, 2019 Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch Developer: Rose City Games Publisher: VIZ Media (This preview is part of a series of […]

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Kingdom Hearts III Review

By Albert Corsten | February 28, 2019

Kingdom Hearts III Review Tale as Old as Time To say it has been a long time coming is an understatement when it comes to the release of Kingdom Hearts […]

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Million to One Hero Preview

By Frostilyte | February 26, 2019

Building for the Future Published on Million to One Hero Release Date: February 27th, 2019 (Early Access) Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux Developer: Over the Top Games Publisher: Over the Top […]

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