Viewport Relay – Episode 16 – Fallout 76 Sucks

By Viewport Relay | November 29, 2018

Published on Although we talk about a lot of different things in this episode, one thing stays constant: Fallout 76 sucks. And Tristan is pissed. You can find all of our […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 15 – We Got Phones

By Viewport Relay | November 15, 2018

Published on Blizzcon happened! Smash Direct happened! Lots of news to talk about! Remember to have your phones ready because that’s where all AAA gaming is moving towards. You can […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 14 – THE NUMBERS, WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!

By Viewport Relay | November 1, 2018

Published on Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out! That means that we didn’t have time to do anything for the past two weeks- just kidding. Tristan absolutely hated the […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 13 – Towering Franchises

By Viewport Relay | October 18, 2018

Published on It’s been a crazy month for game releases, but not much for news. Nevertheless, Albert was able to dig a bunch of topics up for us to talk about! […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 12 – Oh, the Places We Game!

By Viewport Relay | October 5, 2018

Welcome back to the Relay. This episode we find out that we don’t really know much about the developers that make all our favorite games. There’s also a bit of […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 11 – Drought

By Viewport Relay | September 20, 2018

The viewport team is back from PAX West! And Distant Worlds! And a bunch of other things that we did that was not the podcast! We’re back to talk about […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 10 – The Good Doctor

By Viewport Relay | August 23, 2018

PAX West is next week! But before then, let’s talk about some video gaming news. This week we cover QuakeCon, Timesplitters, Realm Royale, Smash, and Steam.tv. Click through to listen […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 9 – Royale News Network

By Viewport Relay | August 9, 2018

Welcome back to Royale News Network, the premier podcast for Battle Royale news? Just kidding. Welcome back to the Relay. This week we cover Fortnite, PUBG, Nintendo Switch, Artifact, and […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 8 – Enigmatic Enemies

By Viewport Relay | July 26, 2018

Published on This episode teaches you why you shouldn’t drink while recording. Welcome back. Want your thoughts featured on the podcast? Contact us on social media! Twitter: https://twitter.com/viewportgaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viewportgaming/ […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 7 – Best of the Bunch

By Viewport Relay | July 12, 2018

Published on The post-E3 drought continues! We were able to find some news scraps within the webs that are worth talking about. Albert brings back a new game, “Best of […]

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TRC Podcast – Episode 11 (Part 2) – StarCraft

By The Retrospective Collective | July 9, 2018

Published on Welcome back to our discussion about StarCraft! We delve into the world, development, eSports, legacy and some fun impression games in the second part of this episode. You […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 6 – Audience Participation

By Viewport Relay | June 28, 2018

Published on June 28, 2018 E3 may be over, but the gaming news goes on! The viewport team is back to discuss happenings after the annual gaming “festival” and try […]

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