Tsioque Review

By Frostilyte | December 4, 2018

Join Tsioque on her quest to escape her home castle where she’s been imprisoned by a dark wizard. Not all is as it seems though. Read what we thought of […]

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Hitman 2 Review

By Alex Nester | November 30, 2018

Frequent Flyer Killer for Hire Following some of the reception for 2012’s Hitman: Absolution, the minds at IQ Interactive took feedback from fans and re-evaluated what makes a satisfying Hitman experience. […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 16 – Fallout 76 Sucks

By Viewport Relay | November 29, 2018

Published on Although we talk about a lot of different things in this episode, one thing stays constant: Fallout 76 sucks. And Tristan is pissed. You can find all of our […]

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CrossCode Review

By Frostilyte | November 21, 2018

Join Lea and friends on a journey in one of the most engaging ARPGs of recent memory. Click here to find out what we think in our review! Role Playing […]

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Megaquarium Review

By Frostilyte | November 19, 2018

Megaquarium is a game where you can make your own public aquarium. If being a fish tycoon sounds like fun than it’s worth checking out. Fishy Fun Published on Megaquarium […]

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Mega Man 11 Review

By hamzah | November 16, 2018

Mega Man 11 delivers one of the best Mega Man experiences in a long time. It beautifully captures the style of retro Mega Man games and excellently emits a feeling […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 15 – We Got Phones

By Viewport Relay | November 15, 2018

Published on Blizzcon happened! Smash Direct happened! Lots of news to talk about! Remember to have your phones ready because that’s where all AAA gaming is moving towards. You can […]

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Best Video Game Title Screens

By Tristan Jung | November 7, 2018

Published on One of the most under-appreciated parts of a video game is the title screen. Often ignored or immediately skipped by players, it’s a shame when developers put in […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 14 – THE NUMBERS, WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!

By Viewport Relay | November 1, 2018

Published on Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out! That means that we didn’t have time to do anything for the past two weeks- just kidding. Tristan absolutely hated the […]

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How Much Time Does the 3DS Have Left?

By D.W. Wallach | October 23, 2018

With a new Switch on the way, what’s next for the handheld console? Published on In February 2004, Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi expressed his feelings of urgency about the next […]

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