Viewport Relay – Episode 49 – Implore the Or

By Viewport Relay | May 14, 2020

Published on E3 may be canceled, but the summer of gaming is live! We talk about a bunch of new things that were announced recently. News articles we talk about: […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 48 – Fact or Fiction

By Viewport Relay | April 30, 2020

Published on Not allowed to use the D word, but there’s a severe lack of gaming news at the moment. Listen to us ramble! News articles we talk about: The […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 47 – Annual Analysis 2

By Viewport Relay | April 16, 2020

Published on Can you believe it’s been two whole years of Viewport Relay? We can’t either. Thank you so much for all your support in the past two years. With […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 46 – Hardware Showdown

By Viewport Relay | April 2, 2020

Published on The second episode where we are isolated, but that doesn’t deter us from talking about the new hardware that’s slated for the holidays! Come join the viewport team […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 45 – Quarantined

By Viewport Relay | March 19, 2020

Published on As more and more of us go into isolation, the amount of news have dropped. Join the viewport team as we discuss what little there is left with […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 44 – Notably Negative

By Viewport Relay | March 5, 2020

Published on We’re back from a quick break. Lots to talk about, and a quick game at the end. News articles we talk about: Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 43 – Talking About Numbers

By Viewport Relay | February 6, 2020

Published on A quiet 2 weeks means the viewport team gets to talk about all the stuff they’ve been doing. We also have our regular Nintendo quarterly financials check-in. News […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 42 – PS Vee

By Viewport Relay | January 23, 2020

Published on New year, same old us. The viewport team is back to talk about everything that’s been going on: rumors of game releases, delays, the PS5, Pokemon, and of […]

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Viewport Relay – Episode 41 – End of a Decade

By Viewport Relay | December 12, 2019

Published on Our last episode of the decade! Albert walks us through each year while we provide our thoughts. What was your game of the decade? Also we prepare for […]

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

By Tristan Jung | December 11, 2019

Half-Baked Adventure Published on Pokémon Sword and Shield Release Date: November 15, 2019 Platforms: Nintendo Switch Developer: Game Freak Publisher: The Pokémon Company/Nintendo Copy Purchased Catching them all has always […]

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