Spotlight: Realistic Teen Witch Simulator

realistic teen witch simulator

Realist Teen Witch Simulator is a new text-based adventure by journalist, editor, and writer Kris Ligman. Made in Twine, this delightful text adventure guides the player through the process of gathering the materials necessary to hold a ritual for the winter solstice. You are 14 years old and seven months into deciding to lead the life of a Wicca. A single playthrough may only take about 15 minutes, and it's completely worth your time.

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Realistic Teen Witch Simulator lets the player navigate the terrain of adolescence and growing up that often goes under-explored. The secrecy of your mission - gathering the materials for the ritual - doesn’t come from some existential angst biologically baked into teenage existence. It comes from the awkwardness of being passionate about a thing that you can’t totally grasp yourself. The creator also includes specific autobiographical experiences that help make the well-tread thematic territory feel singular and powerful.

You can play Realistic Teen Witch Simulator for free in your browser right now, with donations accepted, and you can find Kris Ligman's other games here.

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