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Published on July 20, 2018

Release Date: July 19, 2018
Platform: Windows
Developer: Driving Force Games
Publisher: Playdius, Plug In Digital
Price: $12.99
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Unsure of your purpose and armed with two guns that manipulate physics, you’re tasked with completing a series of grueling tests to figure out what’s going on. With responsive controls and unique level designs, Impulsion aims to fill the void of the first-person platformer genre of recent times.

The core of Impulsion boils down to the utilization of the two guns that you are equipped with; each shoots out a particle that will expand to a sphere upon contact with surfaces. The blue gun will speed up the movement of everything inside, while the red gun does the opposite. This effect extends to objects in the environment, such as platforms and projectiles, creating some dastardly difficult obstacles.

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Where Impulsion shines is its ability to create exciting and challenging levels through the use of its few mechanics. It introduces a couple more unique rules in the beginning levels, but instead of having the player memorize a book full of rules, Driving Force Games can create engaging designs that almost venture into the realm of puzzle-solving.

But it’s rarely the case that you’ll be standing around trying to figure out what the do next. The game is fast, and requires pinpoint accuracy and quick reactions to get through these levels. Practice is key, and being able to dissect the hallway in front of you and get through it flawlessly is the reward that the game repeatedly provides.

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Separate from the story mode, the game also features a Competitive and Speedrun mode that push players to be the fastest possible in each of the 25 levels and the entire game. The game is built well to be a speedrunning game, with no randomization in obstacles and pure reliance on player skill.

impulsion 3

Impulsion is hard as nails at times and some levels seemed impossible at times, but I found myself coming back again and again to give it another go. Its unique level designs can push players in a way that others in the genre haven’t done before. It sits in a rare place where it can be enjoyed by both casual players and speedrunners alike. Impulsion is now available on Steam.

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