The Unusual Kindness of Celeste

By D.W. Wallach | April 14, 2018

About 20 minutes into this single stage alone and I’ve died 153 times. The character death animation isn’t gratuitous; your character touches an environmental hazard, and the sprite disappears in […]

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What Makes a Game Good?

By Alex Nester | April 13, 2018

Published on Having read through a review, it is not always obvious why the reviewer pinpointed certain aspects of a game and how it contributed to the overall rating. In […]

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The (Lost) Game Awards 2017

By Tristan Jung | December 25, 2017

Published on It may have been a few weeks since The Game Awards, but many people are not aware that a couple of categories were not present at the show this […]

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How to Create a Collector’s Edition for Your Game

By Tristan Jung | December 3, 2017

Published on Hey there PUBLISHER_NAME! Are you looking to provide more value to gamers while padding your wallet with a bit more money? Want to do it in a way […]

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Why Microsoft and Sony should be chasing after Nintendo

By Tristan Jung | April 17, 2017

Published on The competition over who can make the stronger hardware is not something new. Nintendo and Sega feuded over the 16-bit era with the SNES and Genesis. Sony blew […]

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The Retrospective Collective: Kirby Super Star

By Tristan Jung | April 2, 2017

Season 1, Issue 1 (April 2017) Published on Author’s note: Welcome to the first issue of “The Retrospective Collective” everyone! As a recap, this series will be a retrospective on games […]

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