TRC Podcast – Episode 1 - Banjo-Kazooie

Published on March 18, 2017

Welcome to the Retrospective Collective!

This is a bi-weekly podcast where we do a wrap-up of the present and the past. The format may change in the first few episodes so bear with us. Also, apologies for my mic quality, we’ll have that sorted out for the next episode.

We’re your hosts Tristan Jung and Albert Corsten, here are links to the news articles and videos we refer to today:

Music Used:

  • Title/Outro — Unnamed by Tristan Jung
  • Title Screen — Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope
  • Click Clock Wood — Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope
  • Treasure Trove Cove — Banjo Kazooie by Grant Kirkhope
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