E3 2018 | Live Coverage Roundup

Published on June 14, 2018

E3 2018 is wrapping up and there were a lot of announcements and games this year! Viewport was here to provide full coverage on all the press conferences, along with our opinions on some of the highlights and lowlights for each one. Here’s a compiled list of a recaps, opinion podcast episodes, gradings, and prediction results.


Our highlight pieces go over every single announcement made at the press conferences. They are broken down by day.

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We graded all the press conferences, here’s a breakdown of what we thought.

E3 2018 Grades

Microsoft unanimously took the crown this year. Tristan thought Square Enix failed to impress, while Albert and Alex gave EA their lowest scores.

Prediction Results

We published a prediction article before the show:

Here are the results (minus the preposterous predictions):

E3 2018 Prediction Results
E3 2018 Prediction Results_Albert
E3 2018 Prediction Results_Alex

An even 50% across the board! We’ll have to come up with a more elaborate prediction game next year…

Opinion Episodes

As part of our Viewport Relay podcast, we published an episode every day, providing our opinions on the biggest announcements of the day.

Video Versions

Audio-Only Versions

Thank you so much for joining us for our live coverage of E3 2018! We’ll have one more article with out favorite announcements of the show, and a debrief episode on Viewport Relay.

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