Blazing Beaks Preview


Published on March 27, 2019

Blazing Beaks
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC
Developer: Applava

Developed by Applava, Blazing Beaks is a roguelite shooter sets in the Beaks world. Choosing one of 8 distinctive playable birds, you explore the different areas collecting equipment to help unravel all the secrets that the world has to offer.


The movement feels snappy and the gunplay is polished; which makes it easy to focus on the more important aspects while playing. What differentiates Blazing Beaks from other games in the genre is the large aspect of the risk-reward system. You are only able to wield a single gun at any given point in time, which makes the decision of swapping weapons a critical one. Combined with this are artefacts; items that can be traded in at the store for power-ups, but will afflict you with a cursing effect (can’t pick up hearts, abilities cost health, etc) until you do so.

This emphasis on decisions steers the game away from building your character to be a god to skill-based gameplay throughout your run. Combine this with bosses that require more than just dodging and shooting, the game feels like a fresh new take on the genre.


Blazing Beaks also features a local multiplayer mode that pits 2-4 players across five different modes. I was able to trade a couple rounds between the dev team and had an amazing time. It gave off a Towerfall vibe with its short rounds and fast-paced fights.

Blazing Beaks is currently playable on Steam as an Early Access game, with no release date for the full version.

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